Nautilis thermometer Firmware upgrade (6.1.3)

The new upgrade allows you to convert a classic OLED thermometer into a WiFi temperature controller like the V4

Nautilis thermometer Firmware upgrade (6.1.1 & 6.1.2)

In version 6.1.1, the ability to connect SHT sensors for temperature and humidity has been added. Possibilities still need to be considered for this option. In version 6.1.2, the ability to send data to Ubidots has been added.

Did you know?

Did you know that every thermometer can be iRelay? How?

New color on offer

Due to frequent inquiries about the white color of the device housing, white devices are also available today. When querying, it is necessary to specify the color immediately, since the standard color is black.

New Nautilis thermometer Firmware upgrade (6.1.0)

he Nautilis thermometer has the biggest change in its capabilities. In major code changes, it can now send the temperature to services other than Blynk Legacy at a given interval. BrewSpy, Brewfather and Grainfather supported