iRelay & iSpindel FAQ

Question: Relay has a white screen. What happened?
There are several possible reasons for a white screen. The first is inadequate relay power supply (5V and min 700mAh), if the firmware upgrade stops this process when it has not reached the end. When you accidentally click on firmware update and do not load the appropriate firmware. Then the device has no firmware installed and a white screen is visible. The power cord has a mixed + and GND

Question: iRelay plus has a black screen. Why is iRelay not working?
If you have a black screen when turning on the device, the most common causes are: When you use a USB-c power supply, there is a chance that you do not have a “smart” charger and that the iRelay will not work even though it is declared at 5V. Try changing the cable to be USB-A to USB C, try powering through a computer or laptop, and if it works there, look for another power supply.

Question: Relay does not save my settings after reboot. What’s the problem?
Download new firmware version and upgrade it using the OTA menu on the local website and if after the upgrade it says OK restart the device and try again. Sometimes this is due to different versions of the hardware. New versions will be intensively tested and will no longer have such problems.

Question: The SG on the relay screen is not the same as the SG on the Brewfather application. Why??
Your hydrometer calibration formula isn’t in SG, but in some other unit probably in PLATO. The Brewfather application automatically converts these units to SG. That’s why it is important use SG calibration formula and put [SG] at the end of the Ispindel name as is described on the Brewfather pages. The iRelay upgrade from 6.4.2 has the ability to convert P to SG, so now this problem is significantly alleviated and iSpindel recalibration is not required.

Question: The name iSpindel is shown in red on the screen, and in your pictures it is green?
Answer: If you connect your relay to the Blynk application, then the name will also be green on your relay.

Question: Relay constantly produces sounds. Is that normal?
Answer:Check on the local relay website that the alarm parameters are outside the received iSpindel data. Therefore, the SG alarm must be lower than measured, the low temperature alarm must be lower than measured, and the high temperature alarm must be higher than measured.

Question:Why relay supports only 2 iSpindels?
Due to better signal quality. If the fermenters are moved away there is a chance that the signal will not reach the relay.

Question: How get to the iSpindel – the portal
Answer: Switch it on, press the reset button 3-4 times which sets up an access point. That means you will see a new Wifi network “iSpindel_######” where you connect to with your computer, smartphone or tablet. Now the browser should automatically redirect you to the page If not, navigate there yourself. If you are now on the portal page, under Configuration you can enter your token and the wifi password that you need for your network. Then click on save and it will send the data to Ubidots. This means that the iSpindel is not reachable in normal operation, until you manually start the portal again.

Question: Why can’t I access the iSpindle in normal operation
Answer:The critical part of the battery life time is that the iSpindle is active as short as possible and maximum time being indeep sleep! The Wemos in active operation requires more than 300x of energy, so this trick is indispensable to achieve the runtime.