Nautilis iSpindel Pill tested on 4 bar(60Psi)

More and more users are using Fermzila and similar fermenters that allow fermentation under pressure… We tested the iSpindel Pill at 4 bars (around 60psi), so with proper maintenance there should be no beer leakage. And probably the team from Kegland also performed additional tests on the durability of their Pill case. If you ferment under pressure, a pressure sensor that is easily installed in the iRelay plus version is also a very handy accessory. The sensors convert the analog signal into digital and have proven to be very precise and durable. Definitely worth every cent … Please share this post with your friends. Cheers!

New version of iRelay+ & iRelay Classic firmware (6.6.4)

iRelay Classic and iRelay + have been upgraded to the latest version. iRelay Classic now allows sending data via the MQTT protocol. Also fixed minor data saving issues when converting from SG to Platoo

Nautilis Oled thermometer firmware upgrade (6.3.2)

The latest firmware version for the thermometer and pressure sensor has the ability to send data via HTTP. HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol) is a protocol that enables the exchange of data over a network. With the Nautilis termometer or Nautilis iPressure, you can send data using the HTTP protocol to other devices or servers that can process and display the data or use it for another purpose. HTTP allows for fast and easy data exchange and is one of the most commonly used protocols for data exchange on the internet.

New version of iRelay+ firmware (6.6.3)

The new iRelay + firmware upgrade enables a new service for sending data – MQTT
With this service comes new great possibilities of using iRelay. Currently, this upgrade is only available on the plus version

Register for Firmware updates

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Everyone who has purchased and is using one of the Nautilis devices will receive administrator approval.
The currently restricted content is the firmware upgrade page.
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Nautilis Oled thermometer firmware upgrade (6.2.6)

The Sensor SPY team enabled all its premium users to receive data from the Nautilis device in an interval of 90 seconds.

New version of iRelay firmware (6.5.8)

The old Blynk legacy app has been removed and support for the new Blynk IOT app has been added.