New version of iRelay+ firmware (6.6.3)

The new iRelay + firmware upgrade enables a new service for sending data – MQTT
With this service comes new great possibilities of using iRelay. Currently, this upgrade is only available on the plus version

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Nautilis Oled thermometer firmware upgrade (6.2.6)

The Sensor SPY team enabled all its premium users to receive data from the Nautilis device in an interval of 90 seconds.

New version of iRelay firmware (6.5.8)

The old Blynk legacy app has been removed and support for the new Blynk IOT app has been added.

Nautilis Oled thermometer firmware upgrade (6.2.1), (6.2.2), (6.2.3) and (6.2.4)

In the new updates, a new Blynk IOT application has been added and the WiFi connection has been improved.

Nautilis Oled thermometer firmware upgrade (6.2.0)

Due to the incompatibility of the new BLYNK application and the high price of a new subscription to Blynk services, Nautilis devices will no longer support Blynk. Blynk Legacy will be removed from all devices in future firmware updates. MQTT support was added instead. 

Nautilis thermometer Firmware upgrade (6.1.5), (6.1.6), (6.1.7) & New version of iRelay firmware (6.5.7)

iRelay changes are related to improved usage on iOS devices. The option to change the SSID and password has been added on all versions of the thermometer. High and low temperature alarm for SHT version,  interval to send every 60 minutes & support for SENSOR SPY application is novelty.