New version of iRelay+ firmware (6.7.3)

The new upgrade includes an additional WiFi connection check every 60 seconds and reconnection if we are not connected

New version of iRelay+ firmware (6.6.9)

The new firmware for iRelay plus has modified MQTT for easier integration into Home Assistant. In the coming period, we will pay more attention to even better and simpler integration into the mentioned system.

For Hydrom users

Information on setting up the Nautilis iRelay can be found on the Hydro website. The Hydrom is a smart hydrometer for measuring the density of the liquid. To achive this, you put the calibrated Hydrom in the liquid and can calculate the buoyancy and…

Nautilis iSpindel Pill tested on 4 bar(60Psi)

More and more users are using Fermzila and similar fermenters that allow fermentation under pressure… We tested the iSpindel Pill at 4 bars (around 60psi), so with proper maintenance there should be no beer leakage. And probably the team from Kegland also performed additional tests on the durability of their Pill case. If you ferment under pressure, a pressure sensor that is easily installed in the iRelay plus version is also a very handy accessory. The sensors convert the analog signal into digital and have proven to be very precise and durable. Definitely worth every cent … Please share this post with your friends. Cheers!

Nautilis Oled thermometer firmware upgrade (6.2.6)

The Sensor SPY team enabled all its premium users to receive data from the Nautilis device in an interval of 90 seconds.

Nautilis thermometer Firmware upgrade (6.1.1 & 6.1.2)

In version 6.1.1, the ability to connect SHT sensors for temperature and humidity has been added. Possibilities still need to be considered for this option. In version 6.1.2, the ability to send data to Ubidots has been added. Firmware for both versions of the thermometer can be downloaded here.

Thermometer data is here.

New version of iRelay firmware (6.5.5)

The new firmware version allows iRelay thermometer data to be sent to the UbiDots application independent of iSpindel data. Firmware site

Did you know?

Did you know that every Nautilis WiFi thermometer can be iRelay? How? Just upgrade the firmware and a miracle will happen :) The only thing is that the thermometer, because it does not have an external antenna, will have a weaker signal and will not have the power to receive data from stainless steel fermenters. But if you don’t have a problem with that this is quite a handy option. Of course, the possibility of switching from iRelay to a thermometer is also valid.

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