Nautilis Oled thermometer firmware upgrade (6.3.2)

The latest firmware version for the thermometer and pressure sensor has the ability to send data via HTTP. HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol) is a protocol that enables the exchange of data over a network. With the Nautilis termometer or Nautilis iPressure, you can send data using the HTTP protocol to other devices or servers that can process and display the data or use it for another purpose. HTTP allows for fast and easy data exchange and is one of the most commonly used protocols for data exchange on the internet.

Nautilis Oled thermometer firmware upgrade (6.2.6)

The Sensor SPY team enabled all its premium users to receive data from the Nautilis device in an interval of 90 seconds.

Nautilis Oled thermometer firmware upgrade (6.2.1), (6.2.2), (6.2.3) and (6.2.4)

In the new updates, a new Blynk IOT application has been added and the WiFi connection has been improved.

Nautilis thermometer Firmware upgrade (6.1.3)

The new upgrade allows you to convert a classic OLED thermometer into a WiFi temperature controller like the V4. In particular, you can control the heating and cooling relay. The initial state of these relays is switched off. To upgrade to a controller you need a relay module like this one.

Nautilis thermometer Firmware upgrade (6.1.1 & 6.1.2)

In version 6.1.1, the ability to connect SHT sensors for temperature and humidity has been added. Possibilities still need to be considered for this option. In version 6.1.2, the ability to send data to Ubidots has been added. Firmware for both versions of the thermometer can be downloaded here.

Thermometer data is here.

Did you know?

Did you know that every Nautilis WiFi thermometer can be iRelay? How? Just upgrade the firmware and a miracle will happen :) The only thing is that the thermometer, because it does not have an external antenna, will have a weaker signal and will not have the power to receive data from stainless steel fermenters. But if you don’t have a problem with that this is quite a handy option. Of course, the possibility of switching from iRelay to a thermometer is also valid.

New color on offer

Due to frequent inquiries about the white color of the device housing, white devices are also available from today. When querying, it is necessary to specify the color immediately, since the standard color is black.

New Nautilis thermometer Firmware upgrade (6.1.0)

The Nautilis thermometer has the biggest change in its capabilities. In major code changes, it can now send the temperature to services other than Blynk Legacy at a given interval. BrewSpy, Brewfather and Grainfather supported this idea and enabled the development of their applications as well. The code will continue to be upgraded. There are now 2 versions of the thermometer available – Classic and Light versions. The difference is in the built-in screen.

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