New version of iRelay+ firmware (6.7.1)

The new firmware version for iRelay Plus allows data to be sent to BrewFather from multiple iRelay devices. It is only necessary to change the name of the AP SSID of the iRelay in the settings. Each Irelay must have a different name

New version of iRelay+ (6.6.8)

Introducing the new upgrade for Nautilis iRelay Plus device with the latest firmware version, now enabling data transmission via HTTP. This enhancement allows seamless data sharing and opens up new possibilities for remote monitoring of the iSpindel. Stay connected like never before!

New version of iRelay+ & iRelay Classic firmware (6.6.6)

In the new firmware version for iRelay, an option to send data every 60 minutes has been added. Due to low demand for the fermentation temperature controller, the option for fermentation temperature control via iRelay has been removed.

New version of iRelay+ & iRelay Classic firmware (6.6.4)

iRelay Classic and iRelay + have been upgraded to the latest version. iRelay Classic now allows sending data via the MQTT protocol. Also fixed minor data saving issues when converting from SG to Platoo

New version of iRelay+ firmware (6.6.3)

The new iRelay + firmware upgrade enables a new service for sending data – MQTT
With this service comes new great possibilities of using iRelay. Currently, this upgrade is only available on the plus version

New version of iRelay firmware (6.5.8)

The old Blynk legacy app has been removed and support for the new Blynk IOT app has been added.

DIY Nautilis Temperature Controller V6 – MIDI

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