Nautilis Oled thermometer firmware upgrade (6.3.2)

The latest firmware version for the thermometer and pressure sensor has the ability to send data via HTTP. HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol) is a protocol that enables the exchange of data over a network. With the Nautilis termometer or Nautilis iPressure, you can send data using the HTTP protocol to other devices or servers that can process and display the data or use it for another purpose. HTTP allows for fast and easy data exchange and is one of the most commonly used protocols for data exchange on the internet.

New version of iRelay+ firmware (6.6.3)

The new iRelay + firmware upgrade enables a new service for sending data – MQTT
With this service comes new great possibilities of using iRelay. Currently, this upgrade is only available on the plus version

New version of iRelay firmware (6.5.8)

The old Blynk legacy app has been removed and support for the new Blynk IOT app has been added.

Nautilis thermometer Firmware upgrade (6.1.5), (6.1.6), (6.1.7) & New version of iRelay firmware (6.5.7)

iRelay changes are related to improved usage on iOS devices. The option to change the SSID and password has been added on all versions of the thermometer. High and low temperature alarm for SHT version,  interval to send every 60 minutes & support for SENSOR SPY application is novelty.

Nautilis thermometer Firmware upgrade (6.1.4) & New version of iRelay firmware (6.5.6)

Only system changes have been made to the iRelay classic firmware. iRelay Light now has the ability to DIY & make and convert to a temperature controller. In the management menu it is possible to switch on / off a special relay switch for heating and a special relay switch for cooling. To upgrade to a controller you need a relay module like this one. The default state is off. Only system changes were made on the thermometer. Firmware site

New version of iRelay firmware (6.5.5)

The new firmware version allows iRelay thermometer data to be sent to the UbiDots application independent of iSpindel data. Firmware site

Did you know?

Did you know that every Nautilis WiFi thermometer can be iRelay? How? Just upgrade the firmware and a miracle will happen :) The only thing is that the thermometer, because it does not have an external antenna, will have a weaker signal and will not have the power to receive data from stainless steel fermenters. But if you don’t have a problem with that this is quite a handy option. Of course, the possibility of switching from iRelay to a thermometer is also valid.

New color on offer

Due to frequent inquiries about the white color of the device housing, white devices are also available from today. When querying, it is necessary to specify the color immediately, since the standard color is black.

ChangeLog & New version of iRelay firmware (6.5.4)

We are working on changes in the content of the website. A new Firmware menu has been created where you can download the latest firmware version. In the news we will announce the changes in the new Firmware versions. There will also be a special menu with a FAQ, so you will be able to find answers to frequently asked questions there as well.

Several improvements to iRelay have been underway over the past month. The latest is the ability to receive 2 Spindles on the BrewSpy app. Also, in cooperation with the team from BrewSpy, it is possible to send temperature data from iRelay to their mobile application as well as the web app.


02/28/2022 Firmware 6.5.4  -Added BrewSpy custom user and the ability to change the temperature sending interval.

02/10/2022 Firmware 6.5.3 -Work on code optimization.

02/05/2022 Firmware 6.5.2 -Added light version with 0.96 “OLED screen

01/09/2022 Firmware 6.5.1  -GRAINFATHER CUSTOM CONTROLLER If the relay has a built-in temperature probe then you can add a Grainfather Custom Controller device to display temperature on the Grainfather app.

01/08/2022 Firmware 6.5.0 -BREWFATHER CUSTOM STREAM If the relay has a built-in temperature probe then you can add a Brewfather Custom Stream device to display temperature on the Brewfather app.

11/05/2021 Firmware 6.4.9 -The NTC clock was discontinued because in some countries of the world the server was not supported during or the connection took too long, and this affected the Relay processor itself. New features have been added to the previous options (Displayless operation with LED lights only, different display type). Corrected ABV and ATT conversion when using the conversion option from P to SG.

10/06/2021 Firmware 6.4.5  -NTC clock added. Turns on in the NTC Clock menu. Possible entry of the zone in decimal value. (Do not use commas)

07/01/2021 Firmware 6.4.2 -In the relay management settings you can make a conversion from P to SG. This refers to relay, while the application receives the values sent by iSpindel and for conversion it is necessary to do the same on the application you are using.

06/26/2021 Firmware 6.4.1 -In the thermometer settings, you can select the unit in degrees C or degrees F.

06/24/2021 Firmware 6.4.0 Download -In the settings you can select the unit in Plato or SG degrees. The default unit is SG. You can select a different unit for each hydrometer. This option does not affect the calibration formula and what the hydrometer sends to applications, but only for display on the screen and local page

05/18/2021 Firmware 6.3.9 Download -BrewBench service has been added to the relay
05/18/2021 Firmware 6.3.8 Download -Brewers Friend service has been added to the relay
04/10/2021 Firmware 6.3.7 Download -Little Bock service has been added to the relay

04/06/2021 Firmware 6.3.6 Download -Graphic upgrade to display and new display driver.

03/02/2021 Firmware 6.3.4 Download -Graphic upgrade to display second hydrometer
02/25/2021. Firmware 6.3.3
– added support for connecting to brewpiless (beta – under conctruction)
– Graphic display of the state of the hydrometer battery, graphical display of the signal strength according to the hydrometer, graphic display of the signal strength according to the home WiFi network.
01/30/2021 Firmware 6.3.2 Download Added a new menu and the ability to turn audio alarms on and off
01/18/2021 Firmware 6.3.1 Download Added the ability to change AP SSID name and AP Password
01/11/2021 Firmware 6.3.0 Download Added the ability to connect to the Grainfather app.
12/28/2020 Firmware 6.2.9 Download Displays the percentage of battery next to the remaining voltage. The values in the percentage formula are: 4.2V for Voltage.max and 3.3V for Voltage.min. The percentage is also visible on the local website and can be sent to the Blynk app via a virtual pin.It is recommended to calibrate the battery and change the correction factor before using the iSpindle. By default, ispindel batt factor is 191.8. You can adjust it by this formula: (displayed voltage / measured voltage) * current factor (191.8) = new factor
The new factor should be between current factor more or less 20%.

12/26/2020 Firmware 6.2.8 Download It is possible to switch the thermometer on and off if it is installed on a relay. It is possible to install a thermometer in the relay as a DIY project.

12/12/2020 Firmware 6.2.7 Download The Configuration menu has an option to restore the factory settings. Pressing the reset menu deletes all saved content. After resetting, the device needs to be restarted.

12/12/2020 Firmware 6.2.6 Download Enabled sending ABV, ATT and OG to Blynk. ABV and ATT code changes for Ispindel 2.

12/09/2020 Firmware 6.2.5 Download Improvements in receiving ispindel data in an environment where there is no WiFi signal or incorrect SSID & password data.

12/07/2020 Firmware 6.2.4 Download Possibility of temperature correction for both iSpindles applied on display and Blynk application.

11/25/2020 Firmware 6.2.3 – Possibility of SG correction for both iSpindels applied on display and Blynk application.

11/04/2020 Firmware 6.2.2 Download – New redesign of displaying data on the screen, new look of the local website, OG input and automatic conversion to the percentage of ABV and attenuation. Fixes an issue with displaying an empty field on a local website from V 6.2

10/25/2020 Firmware 6.2.1 – Ability to use a static IP address. When ordering, it is necessary to specify that you want a static IP address.

10/12/2020 Firmware 6.2 – New design and functionality of config and mangement website.

10/09/2020 Firmware 6.1.8 – If the iSpindle is not connected yet – SG 0 and temperature 0 is not displayed as an alarm

10/01/2020 Firmware 6.1.7 – Changed IP address of local Blynk server

09/16/2020 Firmware 6.1.6 – Fixed an issue with saving configuration settings caused by a different memory processor controller.

07/14/2020. Firmware 6.1.5 -Added SG alarm – When the gravity value falls below the alarm value, you will be notified by sound, red SG data on the screen and with a notification on the mobile phone, if you use the Blynk application.

07/13/2020. Firmware 6.1.4 – Added the same options for Ispindel 2.

07/12/2020. Firmware 6.1.3 – Deleted protection on the website, and added a password to the WiFi network – you need to add a password to your iSpindle settings!

04/20/2020. Firmware 6.1.2 – Send data to Monitor.Beer service available

04/10/2020. Firmware 6.1.1 – Improvement in connection to Ubidots, Brewfather and Brew Spy service

04/06/2020. Firmware 6.1 – Changes in Nautilis management for easier setup of new services

04/05/2020. Firmware 6.0 – Send data to Ubidots, Brewfather, BrewSpy available

04/04/2020. Firmware 5.9.4 – Alarm when the outside temperature is too high or too low.

03/04/2020. Firmware 5.9.3 – Change the display of data on the screen. Improved hydrometer connection.

02/04/2020. Firmware 5.9.2. – Added option for external thermometer, created design for new PCB.

01.04.2020. Firmware 5.9.1 – Added beep when saving settings, as well as audible alarms when the hydrometer temperature is too low or too high.

31.03.2020. Firmware 5.9 – Changing hardware connection of components

26.03.2020. Firmware 5.8.1. – Built-in alarm (cellphone notification) at too high and too low temperatures. These is protection from failure of the fermentation temperature controller or calming the fermentation of beer. At too low, a temperature is shown on display in dark blue and too high in red colour. The alarm temperature is set via the Blynk app or through the local web interface.

26.03.2020. Firmware 5.8. – Change the color of the signal strength text and battery status from green to red when the signal is less than -78 or the battery is less than 3.65 V – Change the color of the iSpindel name. When connected to Blynk the color is green and when it is not, red. – Improved display data quality.

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